BMGT5007: Oil and Gas

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Introduction to the company and key stakeholders
Exxon Mobil is a MNC that is involved in oil and gas exploration business. Company is currently operating in all six continents Asia, Africa, Australia, North America and South America. Companies totally have 71000 employees and revenue is USD 279.3 billion. Company is operating its business at large scale across the globe (Global operations., 2019). Some of the main stakeholders of the Exxon Mobil from environment sustainability point of view are employees, fisherman, Government and tourist driven business. Employees work in deep sea and due to company operations like oil spill or other company operation they may loss their life or become ill. Fisherman is another important stakeholder because during oil exploration process sound is generated so as to map oil exploration area (Prideaux and Prideaux, 2016). Fishes search for food by taking into account sound waves. Hence, fishes get accumulated near drilling area due to which fisherman find it difficult to catch fish. Moreover, if oil spill happened like seen in case of BP in Gulf of Mexico then in that case fishes get died which directly affect economic condition of the fisherman.

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