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“Take away Dinners” is the one of the chains of the restaurants in the UK. The firm offers multiple varieties of edible items to the people. Due to COVID 19 pandemic Government place restrictions on opening of restaurants. In June month Government give this order. Restaurant observed that in its business in the last 12 months it earns very low revenue and further due to COVID 19 its revenue decline sharply in the year. The firm is also offering online order facility but then also it did not see any sort of growth in its revenue during current time period when more and more individuals are placing order online for edible items. Thus, it can be said that in the current time period condition of its business is not good and it is observed high cost pressure. There may be a number of reasons behind decline in revenue. One of the reason may be that firm failed to give proper quality of food to the customers. It is also possible that customers have the perception that restaurant offer them edible items at high prices. Too many varieties in menu card may be another reason behind decline in revenue. In below sections survey will be conducted and possible reason behind poor performance will be identified by the researcher.
The business problem is that firm is losing its customers and within a year, month by month it is a consistent observing decline in its revenue. The Even restaurant chain is offering online order facility, then also during COVID 19 lockdown and afterwards restaurant did not observe elevation in its revenue. This is one of the major concerns of the restaurant chain. Risks that are in the business are that if currently also people think that restaurant chain is not offering them best quality of edible item that it may affect restaurant chain brand image and reputation in the market (Van Aken, and Berends, 2018). Due to a consistent decline in revenue restaurant chain may observe insufficient cash flow in the business which may affect its business operations to a great extent. Multiple decisions need to be made by the restaurant chain about its pricing, cost control strategy, menu, marketing, product line, etc. By working on all these area restaurant chains can improve its performance and elevate revenue in its business.

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