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Few months ago my friend got married but couple lives in different cities. My friend life partners worked at bank and due to corona its transfer has not been done by the bank. I was worried about marriage relationship of my friend and asked it whether relationship after marriage going on good. I try to find out if there is any sort of conflict between them due to which its life partner did not take transfer from city in which it currently reside. My friend thinks it as interference in its personal life and conflict arises between us.
Signals indicative of crossing a sensitive line?
When I do inquiry my friend got angry on me and clearly told that I am interfering in her personal life and must mind my own business. She was very angry at me and did not talk to me for few days.
Manifest of threat rigidity
I make multiple calls and send message but my friend did not give any sort of reply which was matter of concern for me.
Opportunity for personal growth
Yes, this was opportunity of personal growth for me because I came to know mistake I made and ways in which relationship become weak and ways in which even we care about someone make our relationship weak.
Areas of self awareness developed in me
• Self concept: Self concept is nothing but perception one has about itself. What we believe our abilities are expect from self in future comes in self concept (Mayer, Caruso and Salovey, 2016). After incident I was able to form perception about me as I come to know that due to over care I made interfere in other one life. Some may like interference and some may not. If someone did not like such kind of behavior then in that case my relationship with other one can become weak. In future I expect that I will stay away from others life and will give advice or make interfere when front one want I to do so. I understand that caring of others is good thing but we need to be selective that in which life we have to interfere and in which not. Other one may form wrong perception about us on speaking any line. Thus, considering front one behavior I believe we must determine how to deal with that person.

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