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Task 1: Marketing Plan
1.1 Value Proposition
Pure Gym is a leading gym chain and a brand incorporated in United Kingdom in 2008. The brand offers a variety of services in its gyms, and maintains a strong customer experience. The organisation is now looking forward to expand itself into the Australian market. Being one of the most potent markets for Gym goers, it is important for the brand to ensure that it is creating stakeholder value (Ezrielev, 2018). Below listed are the ways in which the brand is planning to create stakeholder value in the Australian market:

Task 2: Report on Uppsala Model
Uppsala Model explains in what manner a company develops it approach into international market and achieves personal growth and development. Under this model and organisation enters into the market which is completely new to its offered services and tries to make it way to ensure that it is making its roots in the present market and it gaining set growth and development.
It is not really easy for companies to enter into new markets in the age of globalisation, but by slowly moving into new approaches and targeting the neighbouring markets companies achieve success and growth and gains a new customer base.
Organisations by developing a dynamic approach towards leading and by joining a new customer centric approach through better development of their companies, tend to reach new growth dimensions and develop themselves on better terms.
Apart from this, today internationalization require a business to be growth oriented and strong. A lot of firms are not able to reach this market as they find it difficult to enter into a market which is progressive and at the same time provides them with opportunity to grow. This is where a firm in order to grow requires to be potential and needs to gain a market development approach.
PureGym is an organisation which aspires to enter into new market by targeting places where it can grow. The set policies on which the company stands upon are perfect and allow it to develop a potential where it can reach new market growth orientation and development.
By targeting the Australian market, the company can successfully grow its products and services in new places and can make itself a global brand, which it is looking to achieve. This will allow the company to gain confidence within the market and develop a fundamental support to draw its strength from and achieve personal market growth and success.

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