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Part 1
Two major questions that leaders must ask itself is whether sort of leadership he is adopting in the organization lead to maximum utilization of resources in the business. The second question that leader must ask is whether is spending sufficient time with his subordinates and working in areas where they are dissatisfied with the company (Andersen and et.al., 2018).
Two core aspects of successful leadership is transparency in operations. Successful leaders always make each and everything clear to their subordinates and set their own examples. Second major aspect is learning from experience. Good leaders always learn from their experience and refine their working style. This benefit an organization.
Leadership theory is nothing but an approach under which one control behavior of its subordinates and channelizes their efforts in the right direction. By following the particular style leader implement plans and motivate followers to make efforts to achieve target.
In VUCA two appropriate leadership styles are participative and transformational. In VUCA business conditions are not stable and quite complex and leader may forget to consider the particular fact while making decisions (Elqadri,. 2015). If leader follows a participative leadership style then it will take advice from the subordinates and after getting positive and negative feedback will take final and accurate decisions. Other leadership style is transformational under which leader promotes its subordinates to learn new things and innovate company operations. Innovation assist firm to deliver great results even in VUCA environment. Hence, these are two most preferable leadership styles in respect to VUCA.
Different leadership styles are prepared and all of them have some strong and weak points. In particular, condition specific leadership style may prove good and another one may prove bad. In depth understanding of varied leadership styles is required by the manager because if they will have the knowledge to change in a situation they can easily change their leadership style and can make effective utilization of resources in the business.

Kevin Johnson is the effective role model for aspiring leaders because he works on multiple fronts and takes care of the interests of all stakeholders whether they are employees or customers. Kevin is focused on innovation and business expansion, which is generating positive returns for the investors. Kevin takes care of the value system of people and reduces sugar content to 25%. For employees he improves reward program. Hence, it can be said that he is taking care of interest of all stakeholders and this make him effective role model for aspiring leaders.

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