Link between progress in IT and social change

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From the past decades, some tools were designed by humans to perform any operation. A massive shift in technology results in shifting social structures, and also contributes to the living of the society. Today, technology has enabled many businesses to automate work that was carried out by humans. It can be noted that technology has removed some types of jobs and also have created new ones. The report is all about establishing the create a link between technical progress in information technology (IT) and social change. Along with it, explore the increase in computing power with technological growth. This study concludes about the positive impact of technology within society.

From the above, it can be adequately concluded that technology has led to cause a positive impact on the development of society. The essay concluded a definite link between growth in information technology and the changes that had happened within the society. Moreover, the essay concludes that technology and social change are related because they are related to the dynamics of social life. It can also be summarized that technology also has improved the adequate amount of connectivity between people through the emergence of social networking and the Internet.

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