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Meditation apps demand is consistently rising in the UK. As per statistics, there were total 2500 meditation apps in the year 2015. Top most apps generate revenue of $195 million in revenue in the year 2019 which was a 52 % increase relative to the year 2018. Beginning yoga apps and mindfulness apps collectively increase by 65% on a yearly basis in the UK. It can be said that the demand of the meditation apps is rising consistently in the UK market. US health and beauty as well as fitness related company Core Wellness introduce a new meditation trainer handled device which is known by the name “Core Meditation Trainer”. It is made of rosewood and plastic material. It is in circular shape and due to this reason looks very attractive (Charter, and Polonsky, 2017). Machine contains an ECG sensor which tracks heart rate and level of meditation individual do. This machine tracks how much one relaxed after doing meditation. It measures the stress level of an individual. The product also contains app through which one can do a guided meditation. The app also gives a long, deep breath related notification to the user.
It can be said that one can online learn from product and machine itself guide individual about meditation and one can measure its performance after doing meditation through handled device. It could be successful in the UK and there are a number of reasons behind this. In the UK every 8 of 100 people is suffering from mixed anxiety and depression, 6 in 100 are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, 4 in 100 are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, 3 in 100 are suffered from depression. Stress and anxiety as well as depression and PTSD can be controlled by doing meditation (Kotler, 2016). Now days, the UK people are becoming more health conscious and due to this reason they are consistently learning yoga and meditation exercise. Product “Core Meditation Trainer” will assist UK people to measure performance and will guide them about ways they can do meditation in the best way. For this one did not need to go to class every day. Thus, time saved and expert advice is also received. Hence, due to health conscious behavior and current state of depression UK people increasingly will adopt this product.

• Generating traffic and leads: On social media platform, it is a hard task to generate traffic and lead. Core Wellness will be marketed on social media channel Facebook. In order to generate traffic persona will be prepared. Testing will be done and there may be situations where firm failed to generate sufficient traffic on social media platform. In order to solve this problem firm will develop multiple personas and traffic they attract will be evaluated (Hanssens, and Pauwels, 2016). Those persona which generate large flow of traffic and have good checkout to purchase rate will be final target audience for the Core Wellness on social media channel Facebook.
• Maintain ROI: Maintaining ROI on Facebook marketing is a very challenging task. This is because firm develop varied ad, but all of them cannot give better results to the firm in its marketing campaign. Sometimes few ads are launched and most of them got failed which lead to failure of a marketing campaign. To solve this problem business firm will launch fresh advertisement and each week new ad will be prepared. Those which perform better will be run for two weeks and those which did not perform well will be paused within two days of launch. This will lead to low cost and better ROI in the marketing efforts (McDonald, and Wilson, 2016).
• Maintaining of quality: Sometimes firms prepare ad that has less contrast colors or have videos, etc. Sometimes ad are prepared that contain long sentence and due to this reason individuals did not give importance to the ad. Thus, to maintain quality of ad multiple ads will be prepared that will contain videos, short sentence and high contrast colors (Erevelles, Fukawa, and Swayne, 2016). Some ad will be in carousal format. This will assist Core Wellness to maintain quality of its ad.
• Low attention power of ad: In case individuals view same ad on a daily basis on newspaper and TV then in that case they feel bored and ad has less attention seeking power (Forsey 2020). Thus, to solve this problem Core Wellness will prepare a new ad each month for newspaper and TV.
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