Mini Research Project: Discuss about the selling strategy of Apple (IPhone Company)

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The current research topic is chosen and whole research project would be conducted on such basis that is designed below:
“What is the selling strategy of Iphone to increase its sales of products?”
Sales strategy of business is related to approach followed by the business to sell its products and position the company in the target market. Strategy in the business is concerned with following key direction and practice to attract the target market in differentiated manner (Balogun 2015). The research is based on analyzing the strategy followed by Apple in selling its products in the market that leads business to be competitive in the electronic market. The topic is being chosen as it would lead to develop effective understanding regarding the selling strategy of one of the renowned organization.

From the discussion is can be concluded that Apple follows the key strategy of offering high quality and innovative products in the market. Also products are being sold through the help of direct and indirect channels. And for selling the products, there are high qualifies and knowledgeable staff appointed in stores that provides the best of communication with the customers about product. Thus, application of methods and techniques develops understanding and helped to reach effective conclusion based on research topic chosen. Thus, this knowledge would be helpful in carrying out the future research projects.

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