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Starbucks is one of the well known coffee chains across globe. In the report Four VS analysis is done and through polar model performance is evaluated. Further, company supply chain is analyzed along with firm capability. Firm strategy and business environment is analyzed and finally a recommendation section is prepared.
Part A
1. Four VS analysis
It is well known fact that in order to produce any sort of product some factors of production are required, namely land, labor, capital, machinery and raw material. Four VS Analysis model has its four components, namely volume, variety, variation and visibility (The Four V’s of operation management., 2016).
• Volume: When any company produce goods on large scale saving is observed in the business which is commonly also termed as economies of scale in the business. Due to goods production on large cost for each individual unit to become less (Kakran and Chanana, 2019). Thus, more sales and revenue in the business.
• Variety: In this product line of the company is evaluated and it is assumed that if firm have a large product line, then competitors, then in that case it comes in a better position to serve people than rivals. Uniliver and P&G are the best example of this in FMCG sector.
• Variation: It refers to the variation that is particular product line. The more variation firm provides to the customers it successfully develop a loyal customer base in the business. In Food and beverage business variation is seen on a large scale (Copil., Truong and Dustdar, 2015).
• Visibility: This dimension refers to a customers’ ability to see, track their experience or order through the operations process. Courier companies are best example of visibility.

Starbucks is facing some challenges in its business like climate change and its impact on the quality of coffee beans. In order to solve such kind of problem firm must expand its supply chain in new markets. By doing more quality coffee beans can be procured. It is also concluded that firm is following an aggressive expansion strategy and business environment is favorable other then economic environment. The company supply chain network is strong and it efficiently manages its resources. However, it needs to simplify it so that fast decisions can be taken.

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