PATANJALI Marketing Strategy

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The report can be classified into the three sections target audience, product lines and marketing mix strategy. Target audience best suited for Patanjali is 18 to 35 age group individuals pursuing professional degree or is professionals and love to visit tourist spots or remain in fashion. Those who remain in fashion or are professionals more usable cosmetic products than other sort of people. Patanjali will sell variable products related to face or beauty and hair care in the German market. These are herbal products, and do not have any side effects and due to this reason may capture market share at a fast pace. As part of marketing strategy, the firm will offer multiple products in the German market at a low price and marketing will be done through social media, TV channels and posters. By doing aggressive marketing customers will be created at fast pace in the business.
Patanjali is the Indian company that produces varied FMCG products. The main purpose of the research study to identify ways in which marketing can be done it the best way into the German market for Patanjali. In the present research study, the target audience for Patanjali is identified and product lines that Patanjali can offer in the German market are explained. Patanjali will offer hair and beauty or skin related products to the people. Franchisee model as an entry strategy for the Germany market is also discussed briefly. Franchisee model is proposed because by using this model of the cost of entry into the new market can be controlled. Further, brief information about product, price, promotion and place is given in the report. In this way, entire research work is carried out.
Target audience
Personal care and beauty care, organic product demand is rising consistently in the Germany. This is the reason due to which of the Patanjali Germany market seems appropriate for international business expansion. In order to sell product in the market and to develop a marketing strategy in appropriate direction it is very important to identify the target audience. Beauty and personal care products that are organic in nature, have higher demand from the female side specially those that are youngsters and are in the age group of 18 to 35. In the marketing campaign targeting will be narrowed and due to this reason, special attention will on those females that have fashionable lifestyle and often subscribe FB pages related to fashion and travel (The power of buyer personas, 2020). This will assist Patanjali in doing more specific targeting and reaching target audience easily. Those who have a higher education level and are professionals remain more concerned about their face and skin. Hence, such kind of people will be the target audience for the firm. Pain points are often considered to reach target audiences and due to this reason advertisement will be more appealing towards those who try several products but do not get results. Those who suffered from skin problem due to the use of cosmetics will also be a major target audience for Patanjali in the German market (Gunjan and 2015). So basically, it can be said that by considering demographic factors like age, education and employment as well as pain points target audience for Patanjali is identified in the German market. By utilizing appropriate marketing channel easily Patanjali can reach its target audience.

On the basis of the above discussion, it is concluded that youngsters must be a firm target audience or customers. This is because youngsters always use more cosmetic products. Female more than 35 also remain in fashion but they are not considered as target audience because the group of 18 to 35 have more demand than more than 35 age. By offering hair care and beauty or facial care products firm surely will be able to create customers at large scale in the Germany market. In order make this really happen appropriate market 4 P’s are prepared. Patanjali will sell its product at a low price in the market so as to counter rivals like L’Oreal, etc. Products will be primarily distributed through a franchisee model and further through medical and retail stores also product will be sold in the market. Promotion will be done through social media, TV channels and posters. The main emphasis will be on social media as people spend more time on it. In this way, entire marketing efforts will be made in Germany market.

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