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World Stores are the one of the UK online furniture company. The company receives online orders for furniture’s and according to design customer chose or design he suggests furniture is prepared. In the year 2010 company was UK leading furniture e-commerce Company. The firm was founded in the year 2008 and by the year 2010 it gain popularity in the UK. Due to poor quality of service further firm image become badly among people. Further, World Stores were acquired by another company Dunelm. There were many reasons behind failure of World Stores in the domestic market. There were issues related to quality assurance and quality control and many other project management related aspects of the business. In the present research study detail investigation will be done about reasons due to which firm failed in its business even it perform well in the domestic market (The UK’s biggest startups failures., 2019).

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In this regard, firm business operations and services will be evaluated on the basis of project management concepts. Loopholes will be identified in the services of the World Store services. On the basis of analysis of entire work reader will come to know about reasons due to which firm, even after getting huge success in the domestic market become failed. Varied authors literatures will be reviewed and critical analysis will be done in the report. Thereafter, a research methodology section will be prepared in the report. In the research methodology section varied things will be explained in detail like approach of data collection, data analysis, philosophy, ethics, research method, etc. In this section varied alternatives are evaluated and on the basis of valid reasons and considering research requirements best one will be selected for present research work. By doing deep analysis and detailed argument best way of conducting research will be identified. In this way, entire research work will be carried out in the present research study.
Aim and objectives
The main aim of the present research study is to identify reasons due to which project management has due importance for the firms. The aim is to identify the extent to which mismanagement of the project may lead to failure of the project. The research report is focused on evaluating business operations of the World Stores and varied project management concepts that can be applied in the business to make project successful.
• To identify areas where World Stores make a mistake which lead to failure of business.
• To identify project management concepts that World Stores need to apply in its business to improve its performance.
• To recommend steps those firms must take to improve their performance in the business from project management point of view.

On the basis of the above discussion, it is concluded that World Store initially achieves good success in the UK market but later it failed in the mentioned nation. There were a number of reasons behind this and one of them is that it failed to maintain product quality. The company provides poor quality of service to its customers through its customer care centers. Moreover, it failed to make available products to the people according to their needs and requirements. This was the main reason behind dissatisfaction of customers and due to this reason firm failed in the market. In case firm follow project management approach like quality control and quality management then in that case it was possible for the firm to improve its service quality and survive in the market. Firm after achieving success in the market assume that its product it widely acceptable, but it does not pay any sort of emphasis on its service quality. This was the big mistake that the firm makes in its business. By following quality control and management approaches firm can keep a close eye on its business operations and identify loopholes in it. By identifying loopholes firm can work on it to improve business performance. World Store makes mistakes and it just laid down special emphasis on customer acquisition and forget about its service quality. Hence, ultimately it failed in the domestic market where earlier it observes huge success in the business.

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