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Wilko is the one of the UK well known retail chain. Recently, allegations were imposed on the firm that it is not taking sufficient steps to protect the life of employees and customers. In this, the allegation is reviewed in detail and along with this step that firm took in response to these allegations is also discussed in detail. In the report overview of the company is given along with CSR policies it follows in its business.
Description of criticism or allegation made against company
Currently, corona virus is spreading across the globe and in such kind of situation; it becomes the ethical responsibility of the firms to make sure that they are taking every step to protect their employees from the mentioned virus. Wilko is the one of the major retailing company in the UK and recently it was criticized for not taking steps to protect employees from corona virus at the workplace. GMB state that employees are frightened to work at Wilko branch in LeekWilko. The firm was repeatedly alleged that it is not taking steps to protect staff and shoppers during corona virus crisis. Employee’s main grievance was that sufficient quantity of hand sanitizer is not made available to them at the premises. Management of the queue was not proper and due to this reason, chances of spread of corona virus are very high (Wilko accused of failing to protect terrified staff., 2020). Normally, it is observed that known individuals come together to buy products at Wilko stores. They discuss something with each other and due to this reason failed to keep social distancing. Thus, in such kind of situation retail store need to make sure that social distancing is kept by the people and in case individuals do not keep social distancing then in that case they must be guided in a proper manner. Employees of Wilko main grievance were that queue management was not proper and due to this reason social distancing was not there in the premises. In case of such kind of pandemic usually people try to purchase as much as edible items in a short time period and they rush in a large number of retail stores. Thus, queue obviously is seen at retail stores. It becomes very hard task to control queue in such kind of situation and probability of spread of the virus increased. This factor terrifies employees at Wilko store and due to this reason they make such kind of allegation over the firm. Another grievance of the employees was that firm is not paying them for self isolation without a Government letter. The employee’s common belief is that if they think that they have symptoms of corona virus then in that case they keep them in self isolation for a few days. They do this to save the workforce from corona virus that is working in Wilko branch. Thus, in return form must compensate them. Many employees state that they think on base of symptoms that they may suffer from corona virus and due to this reason go for a check up in the hospital and by the time report come they stay at home. In the case report come show negative results, then firm does not pay any amount as compensation for them (Corona virus: Wilko accused of failing to protect terrified staff., 2020). Hence, employees receive less salary. Employees believe that even report is negative they must receive compensation because by remaining in self isolation they form their responsibility towards society.

It is concluded that the corona virus is widespread disease and there is a serious threat to the life of people from it. Firms need to adopt suitable measures to make sure that life of customers and employees will remain safe. In this regard, the focus must be on social distancing and rules must be prepared by using which it can be ensured that social distancing will be strictly followed in the business. Moreover, more payments must be accepted online not by cash or swiping a card. This is because such kind of practices leads to probability of coming in contact or corona virus. The entire area must be sanitized completely on a daily basis along with the products so that life of employees and customers can be kept safe at the workplace.

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